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Name Financial Recovery Services Ltd
Type Debt Collection Agency
Address Home Retail Group,Thynne Street,Bolton,BL6 6AC,United Kingdom
Tel 08456 010 460
Fax 01908 763 001
Pref. Contact Method Phone Email Fax Post
Compassion Rating 60.00%
(a higher score increases the chance of negotiating interest rates down to 0% in the event of financial difficulty. this number is based on actual negotiations handled by the debt management firm vincent bond and co ltd).
Total Debts 17
Total Debts For Calc 12 (Client has made atleast 3 payments)
Total Debts Frozen 9
(Total Debts, Total Debts For Calc and Total Debts Frozen are displayed for testing. For debt to be considered for calculation at least 3 payments should have been made by client).


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  • Jenna.rogers87
     wrote on 27-Jan-2015:
    I just spoke to a woman to confirm my direct debit was all I could afford and she was so rude and abrupt, and to assume I can just pay off my debt in one payment is ridiculous. Im trying to sort it out month by month and I get welcomed by this horrible woman! She made me feel so worthless and knocked my confidence right down. All this and I bet Ill get a huge phone bill now as I was on hold for 10 minutes. I am not impressed by the attitude of your staff! Also I assume all of the weird numbers that phone me all day and night are you guys. Disgusting
  • soniacrouch
     wrote on 22-Jan-2015:
    You keep harassing me. I do not owe any money to anybody at all. You phone me I tell you you have the wrong number and still you keep on. I know your address and intend to prosecute you for harassment. You get the wrong information and then repeat call people who owe nothing. You have picked the wrong victim here - leave me alone! I have complained to Argos who say they know nothing about my telephone number so I can only believe your doltish staff have the wrong number. You are a bunch of oop north fools who cant get proper jobs so you harass us down South who have always worked which you will never do. Clear off!!
  • collins.jeanie1
     wrote on 13-Jan-2015:
    This company are hounding me threatening me with court, i was late paying a payment on Argos card, called Argos sorted it out and have paid it off now these jokers are trying to get that money from me as well, have tried to explain that i have already paid Argos and to sort it out with them but they are unable to understand that, i am not going to pay twice, i even still have my Argos card
  • laurindoalmeida174
     wrote on 21-Sep-2014:
    Mr Laurindo Almeida 44 Cottingley Green Leeds Ls 11 0JD Account Purchased from: ARGOS Account no:6335409900050999947 I received your letter which took the Knowledge I have to pay my debt with argos through the Capquest. Already have agreed to through the Vanquis with (CCCS) STEP CHANGE CHARITY DEBT. For financial reasons and bureaucratic l cant not honor my commitment but the situation will already normalize. Please enter en contact ASTEP change debt charity My regards L.Almeida STEP CHANGE DEBT CHARITY WADE HOUSE MERRION CENTRE LEEDS LS2 8NG 08442643643 My client reference nunber: 1198265

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