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Name RMA Resolve
Type Debt Collection Agency
Address Old Docks House,PO Box 175 Watery Lane,Preston,Lancashire,PR2 1GN,United Kingdom
Tel 03300601082 / 03300601300 automated
Fax 08456437419
Pref. Contact Method Phone Email Fax Post
Compassion Rating 73.87%
(a higher score increases the chance of negotiating interest rates down to 0% in the event of financial difficulty. this number is based on actual negotiations handled by the debt management firm vincent bond and co ltd).
Total Debts 558
Total Debts For Calc 496 (Client has made atleast 3 payments)
Total Debts Frozen 458
(Total Debts, Total Debts For Calc and Total Debts Frozen are displayed for testing. For debt to be considered for calculation at least 3 payments should have been made by client).


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  • blades16.03.91
     wrote on 03-Nov-2014:
    i have lost my letter from rma resolve and need to get in touch as my account is currently on hold and wont be for much longer also the company step change i feel i was forced to use is shit and hasnt helped at all i wish to start making payments preferably before i get took to court as a payment of any kind is better than nothing hopefully i will be allowed to make a payment as iv been refused twice before which is wrong i shouldnt have to go through a debt service just to make a payment
  • mandyaustin64
     wrote on 29-Oct-2014:
    The number i have for R.M .A resolve is no longer available,how am i supose to pay monthly agreement if i cant speak to no one.could i have the new number please
  • Michael nye
     wrote on 13-Oct-2014:
    I am enquiring to see if I can pay you directly ,not though Valour Finance if possible I can increase this to five pounds a month your ref 11005486
  • gemmaarmour26
     wrote on 19-Aug-2014:
    Wishes to settle my debt on a monthly basis
  • Sokusimo
     wrote on 14-May-2014:
    Check my e/mail

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