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Name Sander and Kay Ltd
Type Catalogue
Address Griffin House,40 Lever Street,Manchester,M60 6ES,United Kingdom
Tel 0871 231 2000
Pref. Contact Method Phone Email Fax Post
Compassion Rating -
(a higher score increases the chance of negotiating interest rates down to 0% in the event of financial difficulty. this number is based on actual negotiations handled by the debt management firm vincent bond and co ltd).
Total Debts 2
Total Debts For Calc 0 (Client has made atleast 3 payments)
Total Debts Frozen 0
(Total Debts, Total Debts For Calc and Total Debts Frozen are displayed for testing. For debt to be considered for calculation at least 3 payments should have been made by client).


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  • mjb061148
     wrote on 19-Mar-2015:
    On 23/02/15 you took a payment of £3.50,another payment of £12 & 2 payments of £10 each,please can you explain why?
  • brianralphgoodwin
     wrote on 10-Dec-2014:
    Further to my message 08 Dec, I have discussed this withNationwide Disputes department and we are awaiting your reply before proceeding. Regards, Brian Goodwin
  • brianralphgoodwin
     wrote on 08-Dec-2014:
    On 21,8.2014 an item of £12 was debited to my account with the Nationwide Bank. I am at a loss to understand why this payment was made as I have no recollection of any debt. My account no. is 22230738 sort code 07 02 46. Will you please trace the item and advise me? Thank you. B R Goodwin.
  • Eddie
     wrote on 27-Nov-2014:
    Sander & Kay you recently drew two amounts of money from my avios credit account. £3.50 and £16.20.I do not know who you are or why you have drawn this money.Please refund or explain what this refers to. E Allison

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